The Testing Show & Expo was established in 2010 , specialising in providing a platform for the best in class technology used by R&D departments for Automotive & Aerospace OEM's to improve quality & speed up development times, and keep up with the consumer demands, and government legislation. 

We serve and are active in major clusters , serving engineers & executives around the globe.  

The event is produced by AM Testing Expo Ltd, an event company specialising in B2B marketing for specific engineering based sectors.

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T: 001 347-329-5217

W: +44 7728 368215  

E: support@automotive-testing-expo.com

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ATS Istanbul 
2020 - Turkey

Testing Expo for Turkeys Aerospace, Automotive & Defense sectors.

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Testing Expo - QCC
2020 - Mexico

Testing Expo in Mexico's R&D capital, Automotive, Aero & Appliance Sectors

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ATS Bangalore 
5 & 6 August (tentative)
2020 - India 

Testing Solutions for India's Aerospace , Automotive & Defense Sectors.

4 & 5 November
2020 - Brazil 

Testing Expo in Latin Americas largest Aerospace Defense Cluster

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